We invite you to join us as we inspire the dreams of our future workforce. This is your opportunity to have your business impact youth in our community. We will record a “day in the life” of your business to show students real life experience within a field based on their individual interest, from within any one of the 15 sectors of business and industry.



We know when we spark the interest and dreams of a youth early in his or her educational path, we build a direct connection to opportunity that is right here in their own hometown. Research tells us, by the sixth grade, a student is already determining his or her future. By 8th grade, they are wanting to understand what they need to do to reach their goals. If a student has something that is tangible and seen as a reward for hard work and effort, he or she is able to build a plan to get to his or her dreams.

The Inspire Youth Inspire Dream Event is only the start of paving the way for college or career training. There will be extension opportunities for each student in supporting them through high school with the focus on his or her identified interests. The final destination will be for each student to be prepared to move into a career training program and/or college to pursue their passion. 

Through the Inspire Youth Inspire Dreams Platform our goal is to facilitate each and every student who participates in recognizing his or her interests and discovering the opportunity to build their future in Modesto, CA.


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