The Governmental Relations Council (GRC) provides the nexus between members of the Chamber and elected and government officials who, through either legislation or regulation, may impact the bottom line of our members’ businesses.

All Government Relations Council meetings are held at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce in the conference room at 12:00 p.m. Meetings are open to all chamber members
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GRC members meet monthly on the third Friday of the month at noon in the Chamber board room. Committee members hear directly from legislators and their staff about proposed legislation or the introduction of new or revised regulations which may have an impact on businesses. Each election cycle the GRC sizes-up local candidates for office and we review ballot initiatives. From analyzing this and other information the GRC makes recommendations to the board of directors and membership as to which issues or candidates the Chamber should support. Paramount to our decision-making process is a careful evaluation of whether candidates are “business friendly” and whether proposed ballot measures have the potential to create additional burdens for Chamber members.

GRC members are additionally tasked to attend public meetings and hearings in order to keep our members informed about issues in the community and when necessary, to advocate on behalf of our members.