The “Stanislaus Green Team” was launched by the Modesto Chamber of Commerce in November of 2012. The purpose was to create a nexus between commerce and environment, and the desire of the Modesto Chamber to work collaboratively, searching for regional solutions to challenges facing Stanislaus County. Simply put, assisting businesses in “Going Green” will not only reduce their costs of doing business, but it will also help the environment and move the Stanislaus County economy forward.

  • Monthly Educational Meetings (3rd Thursday monthly)

The “Stanislaus Green Team” meets at the intersection of Environmental Stewardship and lowering the cost of doing business.


What does a Stanislaus Green Team Assessment Entail?

Our Stanislaus Green REACON  (Recycling Energy Air Conservation) Team meets twice a month at various places of businesses throughout Stanislaus County. Every other Tuesday morning monthly, assessments are scheduled at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. The team will walk around each business facility and assess it from an environmental perspective with a focus on how to save the business money through conservation. Each business is given a binder with a 7-page checklist. The checklist is sectioned out into recycling & solid waste, water conservation, pollution, energy, and transportation. The standards are derived from California’s state-mandated regulation standards for businesses. Upon completion of the checklist, each business is recognized as being green certified by the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and the Stanislaus Green Team. They will receive a certification plaque and a green ribbon cutting recognition to celebrate their accomplishment.

  • Free Walk Through Assessments by Industry Experts (Held twice monthly, every other Tuesday by the REACON Team.)
  • Green Certifications

If you are interested in speaking at a Stanislaus Green Team meeting, please contact Trish Christensen at