Certificates of Origin, Free Sale and GMP

Throughout the world, almost all countries require regulatory or shipping certificates from the country that is shipping the goods. The Modesto Chamber of Commerce issues the following documents quickly and securely via its online platform: Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Certificate of Origin (COO or CO).  The Modesto Chamber issues certificates to US-based companies that can prove that they are a US company by providing the correct verification documents.  These documents are a requirement to get your product registered with the foreign country and to allow the entry of your goods through Customs.  Through its partnership with FTGS, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce can also get your certificates legalized and apostilled online with an expedited timeline.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is a document which authenticates the country of origin of goods being exported and shipped.


  • Online: $20 Members, $45 Non-members* [supporting document stamping $10]
  • Multi-language: $45 Members, $75 Non-members
  • Walk-ins will be available after COVID-19 restrictions lifted.
  • Legalization & Apostille services will incur separate costs

*Please note: requests to print out, stamp and mail hard copies of supporting documentation will incur a $10 processing fee per set.

**Fee covers issuance of one original Certificate of Origin, including stamping of invoice and packing slip. Requests to stamp any additional original sets will incur an additional $10 fee per set for both members and non-members.

What are Certificates of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Standing?

Many countries require a Certificate of Free Sale as assurance from a foreign agency that the products listed on the certificate are freely sold in the U.S.

Additionally, exports can require a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to support a company’s claim of following good manufacturing practice guidelines and quality assurance, or a Certificate of Good Standing to verify that a company has met its statutory requirements and is authorized to do business.


  • Online: $75 Members; $115 Non-members*
  • Multi-language: $150 Members, $200 Non-members
  • Legalization & Apostille services will incur separate costs

*Fee covers issuance of one original Certificate of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Practices or Good Standing.

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