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Article by: Marc Garcia – City Ministry Network, Director of Communications

Since 2002, City Ministry Network (CMN) has been a catalyst in connecting, inspiring, and mobilizing our community toward good work for the transformation
of Modesto’s neighborhoods. CMN formally became a tax-exempt non-profit organization in April 2005. Its first board meeting was held in June 2005, and almost
immediately, there were opportunities to expand the organization’s positive influence.

Our Mission: Motivated by God’s love, CMN exists to listen to and advocate for our most vulnerable communities, connecting community and sector leaders to work collaboratively for maximum effect, so that all families can thrive.

Our Vision: To see our city become a good, safe place for all in which to grow up and to grow old.
Our Strategy: Advocate. Connect. Convene. Develop. Steward.

Featured Spotlight: Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI)

Latinos are a significant represented community in the Central Valley. As such, the LLI seeks to increase the core competencies of emerging Latino civic servants in the areas of growth, change, collaboration, and deep community engagement. The LLI takes a small cohort through a community capacity program that brings in training from experienced practitioners in subjects like business, non-profit management, financial literacy, board commission and advocacy, and more, and then directly applying these concepts within our community. Upon completion, participants will be well equipped with the necessary resources, insights, and skills for properly engaging with those serving our community.

“For our LLI workshop on ‘Effective Board Membership,’ some of my takeaways included: finding and using your inner power, trusting your intuition, speaking your truth, be of cause – you are the cause, and no one belongs in the room more than you  do”, said Monica Hernandez, current LLI member. “Being a part of the LLI cohort this past weekend has shown me how some ‘weaknesses’ are actually strengths when you understand them. I am excited for whatever else is to come,” observed another current LLI member, Nico Solorio. To learn more about the many other ways CMN is actively improving and aiding those who live and work in our area, visit: