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2013 Candidate Overview

Your Vote Counts 2013

Council Dist. 2 | Council Dist. 4 | Council Dist. 5 | MID Div. 2 | MID Div. 3 | MID Div. 4
School Board 4 yr. | School Board 2 yr.

Voting is one of the greatest privileges and also one of the greatest responsibilities that we have in this country. It is something that puts us on equal ground because it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what you do for a living or your race or gender, we all have the opportunity to vote. Voting gives us a chance to choose the leaders that we want running our city, our school districts and our utility district. Voting gives us a voice in what taxes we pay and how the money should be spent, and in the case of Modesto Irrigation District, what we do with our water and how much we will pay for it and our electricity.

City Council Candidates – District 2
Tony Madrigal
Jon Rodriguez
Juan Telles

Rickey McGill
Juan Melgoza
Ryan Schambers
Bill Zoslocki

City Council Candidates – District 5

Stephanie Burnside (Incumbent)
Jenny Kenoyer

Modesto Irrigation District Candidates – Division 2

John Mesinger
Carmen Sabatino

Modesto Irrigation District Candidates – Division 3

Paul Campbell
Les Johnson

Modesto Irrigation District Candidates – Division 4

Ted Donham
Brad Johnson
Jim Mortensen
Jake Wenger

Modesto City Schools Board Candidates – 4 Year Term

David Allan
Brett McBay
Cindy Marks (Incumbent)
Michael Scheid
Ruben Villalobos (Incumbent)
Sue Zwahlen (Incumbent)

Modesto City Schools Board Candidates – 2 Year Term

Jordan Dickson
Fabiola Garcia
Charlie Grom
Dean Smeltzer

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