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Your Chamber At Work 

Rikki Keenan - SGT Coordinator and IT Director

Rikki Keenan
SGT Coordinator &
IT Director

By Rikki Keenan, Stanislaus Green Team Coordinator

In 2005, the Stockton Chamber of Commerce launched the first Central Valley “Green Team” concept with a goal of reaching businesses not just locally but in all of San Joaquin County. This Green Team program continues to collaboratively search for regional solutions to challenges facing San Joaquin County and their businesses. Simply put, by assisting businesses in “going green” it not only reduces the company’s cost of doing business, but it will also help the environment and move the San Joaquin County economy forward.

The purpose of the Green Team, is to create a nexus between commerce and the environment, and to enhance the ability of the Chamber to provide services that address economic, environmental and quality of life issues. It was from this value-based concept that the Stanislaus Green Team was born. Both Green Teams execute collaborative efforts between private businesses, municipal/county solid waste divisions, economic development professionals and the surrounding communities.

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Frank Ferral and American Recycling for making the effort to help implement a Green Team in Stanislaus County. It is because of their collaborative effort that the Stanislaus Green Team was designed for success from the beginning. The program has only been in effect for seven months and has already completed efficiency assessments of 15+ businesses, certified one business “Green” and has built a following of 100+ businesses. The Stanislaus Green Team is a perfect example of “Your Chamber at Work.”

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