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State Senate – District 12


Gubernatorial General Election Overview

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The Candidate’s unedited feedback below indicates that this presentation of information provides our members an objective which to evaluate candidates. Please review and VOTE for the candidate that you think will best represent our business community and help provide a better quality of life for all.

State Senate Candidates
Anthony Cannella – State Senator / Business Owner
Shawn Bagley – Produce Broker/Businessman

1. Describe ways in which you as an elected official would encourage a collaborative and cooperative relationship with other units of government.

Anthony Cannella: As a member of the Joint Committee on Legislative Audit, I’ve worked to increase transparency within government agencies. The legislature passed a bill that I authored, SB 898, which will increase accountability by requiring each state agency, department and entity to provide the treasurer with its employer identification number, as well as authorizing the treasurer to use these numbers to monitor state bank accounts and state money that are outside of the treasury system.

Shawn Bagley: It is very important to me that I get input from the elected and non-elected officials from the area. On any policy matter of great importance, I will be the first to reach out to them, and I will encourage them to do the same. Your leadership will have my cell phone number while I direct my staff to connect with those officials as often as possible. I want to bring in a 21st Century web-based communication network that connects with every citizen using social media. That way I can feel the pulse of the district.

2. Modesto needs jobs. As an elected official, how will you contribute to improving the availability of local jobs?

Anthony Cannella : After Governor Brown decided to close local redevelopment authorities, I worked with him on replacement programs, which now include hiring credits, manufacturing sales tax exemptions, and incentive credits that are designed for areas like the Central Valley. In a broader sense, there is much more the state can do to create jobs. I supported the Local Control Funding formula, which will increase funding for schools in our region; I also support vocational education and apprenticeship programs that prepare students for the good jobs we do have here now. I also worked to pass the legislation that placed a new water bond on the November ballot, and I am now campaigning for passage of that bond. Our region needs new water storage and conveyance systems, and it also needs new transportation infrastructure, including an extension of commuter rail lines from the Bay Area.

Shawn Bagley: I will work with my colleagues in the Legislature to combat the bureaucratic bloat that hurts our small business owners. I will also work to provide incentives like tax credits to encourage large businesses to open in our area. Now that Tesla made the decision to put its Gig factory in Nevada, there should be no question about whether we get its new assembly plant that it has planned in its future.

3. If you are elected or re-elected to office, what will be your top issue? Describe the measures you will take to address this number one priority.

Anthony Cannella: The economy will remain my top priority. Our regional economy depends on reliable water resources, so the implementation of the water bond and related policies will be a priority. I’ve mentioned education funding and infrastructure development- those will continue to be priorities that are closely related to economic activity.

Shawn Bagley: When the Water Bond passes and Governor Brown approves increased groundwater regulation and reform, both of which I support, water will continue to be my top priority. Water is the lifeblood of our district. Agriculture is our number one industry. We feed the world. I have been working in the agricultural industry for 30 years as a produce broker and a small business owner. My goal will be to ensure that every Valley resident and farmer has the water they need to thrive. I will work with the MID and TID to ensure they get as much help as possible to meet the groundwater regulation standards by the 2020 deadline.

4. In your own words, describe the role and responsibility of the office you seek.

Anthony Cannella: It is my responsibility to represent the interests of communities in our region. I have done my best to include many groups and points of view in m decision-making, and I believe that’s reflected in the broad support I’ve received over the course of this reelection campaign. It is also my duty to help consituents resolve issues they encounter with state agencies or programs.

Shawn Bagley: The responsibility of the office is to guarantee that the people’s will is carried out. That means creating a business-friendly community so people can create good paying jobs for people to go to. It means making sure we have clean drinking water for our families. And it means making the education of our children a priority.

5. How do you evaluate the impact to business when making voting decisions?

Anthony Cannella: I own a local engineering company in Modesto, so I have practical experience with many of the issues we discuss in the legislature. On business issues, I seek advice from business owners and consultants who have expertise in a given field or area of legislative or regulatory differences affect business and commerce. I also consider studies and reports produce by nonpartisan groups, mainly the Legislative Analysts Office.

Shawn Bagley: As a small business owner, I have seen the red tape thrown around over the years, and I have seen how it’s impacted my business. Those are real-world lessons I have taken with me into every venture I have pursued.

6. What is your relationship with other locally elected officials? When did you last meet or correspond with one of our locally elected state of federal officials?

Anthony Cannella: I have close working relationship with the other elected officials who represent our region. I have met with local, state and federal officials this week.

Shawn Bagley: Over the years I have worked with local elected officials to help them navigate the election process.

7. What are your plans to create economic development and jobs?

Anthony Cannella: Refer to questions #2.

Shawn Bagley: As I stated before, we can provide tax credits and other incentives to businesses that are looking at making our area their home. In addition to that, we can work on widening Highway 132 to give us a more direct line to the Bay Area. The larger Bay Area market can help our businesses expand so we can hire more employees at better wages. Also, I will facilitate collaboration between the local high schools and business owners so we can get students who are better trained to enter the job market directly upon graduation. Finally, I will encourage my colleagues in the Legislature to make computer programming an option to meet the Foreign Language component for graduation. Doing so will make students better able to start their own businesses and help established business owners lower their overhead through technology.

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