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State Assembly – District 21


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The Candidate’s unedited feedback below indicates that this presentation of information provides our members an objective which to evaluate candidates. Please review and VOTE for the candidate that you think will best represent our business community and help provide a better quality of life for all.

State Assembly Candidates
Adam Grey – California State Assemblymember
Jack Mobley: – Business Owner

1. Describe ways in which you as an elected official would encourage a collaborative and cooperative relationship with other units of government.

Adam Grey: I believe one of my responsibilities and obligations is maintaining ongoing dialogue with government officials. My Modesto office is located in the city/county building at 1010 Tenth Street providing immediate access to city and county officials. My staff and I frequently meet with local government officials in both counties and I am often meeting with local elected on issues such as water and economic development. I want to impress this is not simply reacting to issues brought to me by local leaders, although that occurs often. I have reached out to local officials to put together economic development packages to aide in the consideration of their location on their behalf. Tesla is an example of these. I asked both Merced and Stanislaus County to prepare supplemental packages for Tesla because the end game with that company is the six additional facilities they plan to complement their Nevada facility.

Jack Mobley: Open and honest communication is the key. Once the election is past it won’t matter whether a legislator has a D or an R after their name. We have to talk and work together with an understanding both sides have legitimate concerns and opinions which need to be taken into consideration. It will be important to take the timing and costs of legislation into account and how it will affect other levels of government.

2. Modesto needs jobs. As an elected official, how will you contribute to improving the availability of local jobs?

Adam Grey: We need to do 2 things. 1) We need to remove bureaucratic and regulatory obstacles which constrain business without any public benefit. 2)We need to aggressively pursue all opportunities to give Modesto a diverse and thriving economy. I support issues such as regional self help gas tax for Stanislaus County. At the same time, I oppose the gas tax increase the California Air Resource Board has approved. The CARB action is the latest example of the valley unique challenges being ignored by other parts of California.

Jack Mobley: Government does not create jobs. It can only create an environment which destroys jobs or encourages their creation by the private sector. In the Central Valley water is essential to agriculture which is the hub of our economy. We have to do whatever it takes to improve the availability of water. More surface storage, more ground water recharging, more conservation and education on using water, and investigation about the use of desalination plants are key to ensuring the stability of our economy. We also must reduce taxes through better use of the funds entrusted to us and to reduce the regulations choking our businesses.

3. If you are elected or re-elected to office, what will be your top issue? Describe the measures you will take to address this number one priority.

Adam Grey: Water, jobs and economic development (They are all inter-related). My work on the water bond and continued efforts to address the flow issue are good examples of my work.

Jack Mobley: Everything hangs on building a better economy and in order to have the economy we need we must have more dependable sources of water. Schools, better jobs, police and fire protection all depend on being able to adequately fund these ventures and that means an economy which will support them. We don’t have that now as evidenced by our failing schools, our crumbling infrastructure and businesses leaving the state and taking well paying jobs with them. We have to invest in more above and in ground storage, more conservation, more desalination and we have to come to grips with the EPA and the strangle hold they have on water.

4. In your own words, describe the role and responsibility of the office you seek.

Adam Grey: I am the Valley’s advocate. My job isn’t to enforce political correctness; my job is to help the people who live here. That is voting on bills, asking for regulatory change and to make our case not only to each other but to other areas in the state. I work across party lines to a degree unseen in a long time.

Jack Mobley: An Assembly seat in California is more important that a Congressional seat in any other state. We will make decisions affecting the 8th largest economy in the world giving our decisions immense influence beyond the borders of our country let alone our own state. Most certainly the decisions made in California will affect our country to strengthen it or to its detriment.

5. How do you evaluate the impact to business when making voting decisions?

Adam Grey: You have to weigh the benefit against the cost. I am not anti government, but I do not believe that the government is the only answer. We will not have jobs without a thriving business community. Without such a community we will not have the resources for the services we all want. You as a group do a nice job of providing advice. I can tell you every legislator in both parties pay more attention to businesses from the district than other parts of the state.

Jack Mobley: As a business owner I am acutely aware of the effect of legislation on business. We need to discuss proposed legislation with experts and small business owners and operators to get their input and not just listen to lobbyists who are shoveling cash into the coffers of the office holders. All legislation and decisions by elected officials should be evaluated as to their effects on the economy and the legislation’s adherence to the Constitution of the United States and the state of California.

6. What is your relationship with other locally elected officials? When did you last meet or correspond with one of our locally elected state of federal officials?

Adam Grey: Excellent. I work closely with Assemblymember Olsen, Senators Berryhill, Cannella and Galgiani and Congressman Denham. I spoke to each of these members within the last few days. I met with Congressman Denham and Supervisor DeMartini on Sunday when in Newman for the Fall Festival Parade and we discussed several issues including the ADA lawsuits facing our communities. I also regularly communicate with our local irrigation district board members such as Michael Frantz as we discussed water policy.

Jack Mobley: I have personal relationships with most of the elected officials. Some are personal friends and others friendly acquaintances but all know I am vitally interested in what is going on in the district. I meet many of them on a weekly basis in my role as a county planning commissioner.

7. What are your plans to create economic development and jobs?

Adam Grey: We have to keep shooting at every opportunity. Not every bullet hits the target but one day we will and we have to be ready to take advantage of it.

Jack Mobley: Government errs when it sees itself as a job creating entity. It can destroy jobs with regulations and taxes but it can only create an environment where the private sector can create jobs. Adverse regulations and confiscatory taxes will destroy a viberant business environment as we are currently seeing in California. We must lessen the tax burden and reduce the confusing and often conflicting regulations across the board. Targeted tax reductions for specific industries or companies are unfair to other businesses.

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