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Lemonade Day Modesto


Lemonade Day is a community-wide educational program designed to teach youth how to start, own,and operate their own business through a lemonade stand. Give kids the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through real life experience!
This will be our 3rd Lemonade Day for the community of Modesto and we continue to grow and impact the youth with this amazing program. The Modesto Chamber of Commerce has adopted this program as part of their Education component. That way Lemonade Day has the opportunity to reach so many more youth!Lemonade Day Modesto will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Our goal is to impact 2,000+ youth in Modesto community. We are looking for community partners to join us in growing this revolutionary program. There are a variety of ways that you as an individual or your company can get involved including individual and corporate sponsorship, volunteer support, and employee mentor involvement.All sponsorships go towards supporting local youth with the Lemonade Day materials, events, workshops, marketing and licensing. The youth that participate in Lemonade Day will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of ongoing activities and contests designed to enhance their lives both now and in the future. These activities focus on self-discovery and adventure, while teaching youth the life skills and character values they need to succeed in both school and our community.

Mia’s Lemonade Stand


Lemonade Day Houston

Lemonade Day was launched by the Houston-based non-profit organization, Prepared 4 Life in 2007. This free program for kids provides K-12 youth with the educational tools they need to start, own, and operate their very own lemonade stands. Youth learn how to create budgets, secure investors, select a site, serve customers, set profit-making goals, repay investors, and give back to the community. They have the opportunity to open their first business and show the community what they’ve learned. By starting their own business, kids gain valuable entrepreneurial skills infused with life skills such as character development, empowerment, and financial freedom. Lemonade Day sets them on a path of financial learning and goal setting that can continue throughout their lives.

For more information contact the Modesto Lemonade Day City Director, Lynda Jost at
(209) 577-5757 or
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What do kids learn by participating in Lemonade Day?
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Financial Literacy & Economics

  • capital equipment & consumables
  • supply & demand
  • credit, debt, gross & net income
  • marginal utility
  • return on investment
  • compound interest
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College Readiness & Career

  • critical thinking & collaboration
  • interest in attending college
  • civic responsibility
  • customer service
  • teamwork & problem solving
  • presentation skills & design
Life Skills/Personal Development

  • leadership
  • belief that attaining goals is within reach
  • personal productivity
  • self-direction & time management
  • social responsibility & charity
  • high order thinking
  • social skills & self confidence
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  • math calculations
  • reading & interpreting data
  • oral & written communication


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