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Modesto Chamber of Commerce Endorsements 2014


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Modesto Chamber of Commerce Endorsements

The Chamber has carefully evaluated all candidates for each race and found all Incumbents are deserving of reelection. The Chamber found this based on each Incumbent being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money and will continue to work towards better quality of life for all citizens of the county.

Assessor – Don Gaekle
Both candidates are known quantities; each is professional, likable and well-respected.  But if we were hiring for the position, it would go to Gaekle.  He has years of experience in the Assessor’s office both as an employee and in increasingly responsible management positions including being appointed by the Board of Supervisors as County Assessor.

District Attorney:  Birgit Fladager
Incumbent District Attorney Birgit Fladager has managed her office well since first being elected to D.A. in 2006.  Through our various interactions with Ms. Fladager we find her to be approachable, helpful and eminently respectful of those with whom she interacts. Fladager has faced serious budget challenges and the additional burden from the legislative mandate of public safety realignment.  Based on her significant support from law enforcement it is apparent she has capably managed her office and deserves reelection.

Sheriff – Adam Christianson
Incumbent Sheriff Adam Christianson is clearly the best choice for Sheriff.  Sheriff Christianson has managed some very difficult issues at the Sheriff’s Department and we feel his opponent, though sincere in his intent and courageous in his challenge, simply cannot match the executive and crisis management experience of Christianson.  The Sheriff keeps close to the business community and his interaction with Chamber members is consistent and enthusiastic, an attribute not only present during campaign season. Based on these examples he deserves reelection.

Supervisor District 4 – Dick Monteith
When confronted with very serious fiscal issues Supervisor Monteith had the strength to support deep cuts to county services including public safety services. Monteith is determined to make beneficial, long- term decisions when it comes to economic development. In this race the challenge is for Dave Lopez to make the case why he should succeed Dick Monteith as the supervisor for the urban area of Modesto.  After an extensive discussion, Lopez did not do so. It is the recommendation of the Chamber that Dick Monteith is reelected.

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