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Gubernatorial General Election – 2014


Voting is one of the greatest privileges and also one of the greatest responsibilities that we have in this country. With permission from the candidates, we have reprinted their answers to questions the Chamber felt were important to ask. We are publishing this information to help you evaluate our local candidates so that you may cast your vote for the most qualified, business-friendly candidate of your choice. Do your homework, study the issues and vote the way you believe will be the most beneficial to the City of Modesto in the near and long-term future. It is your privilege and your right.

U.S. Representative – District 10  State Senate – District 12  |  State Assembly – District 12  State Assembly – District 21
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U.S. Representative Candidates – District 10

Jeff Denham – REP

supported_checkboxCongressman Denham has a very good command of the issues. After serving this district in the California Senate,Denham is attuned to our issues, particularly water and local economic issues.

Michael Eggman – DEM

Mr. Eggman was not fluent on business or economic issues. He did not have a plan for dealing with water issues.


State Senate Candidates – District 12

Anthony Cannela – REP


Senator Cannella remains connected locally and focuses his efforts on paring-back burdensome regulations and impediments to economic development. Cannella is the co-sponsor of prevailing wage legislation which eliminated the rights of Charter cities to manage their own finances, however this is offset by his bipartisan effort on passing a water bond demonstrates his ability to work across the aisle to seek solutions.

Shawn Bagley – DEM

Mr. Bagley did not provide an adequate explanation as to why he would be a better representative for the central valley than Anthony Cannella. His proposed economic policies are out of synch with the needs for this area and he has no specific plan to address water issues.


State Assembly Candidates – District 12

Harinder Grewal – DEM

Dr. Grewal is an accomplished man who enjoys community service. Grewal was not able to make the case as to why he would be a better legislator than Kristin Olsen.

Kristin Olsen – REP

supported_checkboxAssemblywoman Olsen demonstrates a keen knowledge of local issues. She understands that due to the supermajority in the legislature, her efforts must be bipartisan where possible in order to win support for legislation which benefits her district.

State Assembly Candidates – District 21

Adam Grey – DEM


Assemblyman Gray demonstrated a good command of the issues confronting the Central Valley. His understanding of water issues and bipartisan cooperation on the water bond and other water related legislation show his ability to reach across the aisle on local issues. However, his voting record on legislation that adversely impact business such as mandatory sick leave is concerning.

Jack Mobley – REP

Mr. Mobley, a retired USAF Lt. Colonel and pilot is the owner of a successful janitorial franchise which has enjoyed consistent growth. He currently is a planning commissioner for the County of Merced. Mobley stressed the importance of changing the dynamic in Sacramento by adding legislators who will better protect business owners and taxpayers from heavier regulation and fees or taxes.



Proposition 1, the Water Bond – Support

Proposition 2, the Rainy Day Budget Stabilization Fund Act – Support

Proposition 45, the Public Notice Required for Insurance Company Rates Initiative – Oppose

Proposition 46, the Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Cap and Drug Testing of Doctors Initiative – Oppose

Proposition 47, the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative – Oppose

Proposition 48, the Referendum on Indian Gaming Compacts – No Position

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