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Awarding Green Leadership in Stanislaus County 

Rikki Keenan - SGT Coordinator and IT Director

Rikki Keenan
SGT Coordinator, &
IT Manager & Marketing Development

The Stanislaus Green Team is off to a zealous and green-focused start in 2014. Modesto’s Boyd Corporation and Nestle have both completed their Stanislaus Green Team application and green assessment checklist. This will certify them as a practicing Green Sustainable Business in Stanislaus County. The checklist is sectioned out into 5 areas of concentration: Green Policy Procedure, Solid Waste Reduction, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention and Energy Conservation. Qualification for the Stanislaus Green Team certification requires that each company or organization implement 8 to 10 practices in each area of conservation. Pictures and documents are also submitted to prove that new or improved green efforts and efficiencies in each of these areas have been implemented. The Modesto Chamber of Commerce and Stanislaus Green Team would like to congratulate Boyd Corporation and Nestle for being a role model of Green Leadership in Stanislaus County. Their hard work and dedication to developing responsible and economical green business systems will help pave the way for others to follow in their footprint of success. Come celebrate with us Thursday, February 20th as we honor and award Boyd Corporation and Nestle with their Stanislaus Green Team certification. Enjoy networking, food and prizes. To inquire how your company or organization can become Stanislaus Green Team certified, attend our next meeting. For more information, contact Rikki Keenan at (209) 577-5757 Ext. 103 or e-mail RKeenan@ModChamber.org. Visit Us at StanlislausGreenTeam.com

We are now building our new 2014 REACON Team. If you are interested in visiting companies like those listed below, please join us. Contact Rikki Keenan at (209) 577-5757 Ext. 103 or e-mail RKeenan@ModChamber.org. 2013REACONFeb

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