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American Recycling Company Keeps It Green For Local Industries 

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It’s easy to know what to do with residential recyclables. If you have a glut of aluminum cans, newspapers or bottles hanging around your house, any recycling center will do. But with the amount of waste material produced in commercial and industrial facilities, the quest to maintain a small carbon footprint becomes much more challenging.

For many of these companies in the Modesto area, American Recycling Company has been the go to solution for more than60 years. The recycling center, which first opened as Bonzi Recycling on Morgan Road in South Modesto in 1946 and still operates from this location, provides a full service one-stop solution for commercial and industrial businesses throughout Stanislaus County and beyond.

Since the beginning, the company’s stated mission has been to work with customers to achieve a greener planet by diverting as much cardboard, paper, plastics and metal from the waste stream as possible. Last year, American Recycling took a large step toward this goal with a million dollar facility upgrade and expansion designed to increase the company’s large-scale metal recycling abilities. With this upgrade, the company has been able to meet the growing need for industrial metal recycling in the Central Valley and has gained the ability to reduce the amount of waste metal entering local landfills each day. Coupled with the extensive experience of the company’s lead management team, the expansion has enabled American Recycling Company to offer waste stream evaluations which can help redirect items which have been deemed “not recyclable” by other recyclers which may be less knowledgeable or well equipped for the task.
Choosing to recycle isn’t simply an earth-friendly choice, though. It also makes business sense. According to Linden Coffee from American Recycling, many of the systems the company can install on site at industrial facilities may actually pay for themselves in decreased labor costs, waste stream automation and, of course, the revenue gained from the material.

For more information, or to schedule a waste stream analysis for your company, contact American Recycling at (209) 537-4410.

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