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Specialty Hospitals Provide Valuable Care 


As residents of the Stanislaus region, we’re lucky to have a number of hospitals that provide high quality, short term acute care. We’re also fortunate to have access to two specialty hospitals that provide targeted care for patients who have specific health care needs: Central Valley Specialty Hospital and Valley Children’s Hospital.

Central Valley Specialty Hospital (CVSH) provides long term acute care and transitional care for medically-complex patients who have catastrophic illness or multi-system failure and require an extended hospital stay in an acute care setting. Critically ill patients are typically transferred from short-term acute care hospitals to CVSH, where they can have more time to recover.

“We care for the sickest of the sick in what is often a crucial moment in their illness,” explained Gia Smith, RN, chief executive officer. “We are locally owned and very family oriented. We also have a very ethnically diverse staff and count that as a strength.”

CVSH opened in July 2013 at 730 17th Street in Modesto, where City Hospital of Modesto stood years ago.

“Often we are associated with prior entities that ran businesses out of this building, but we have no affiliation with any of them,” Smith noted. “We are a new hospital and a new company. With 100 beds, we operate one the largest long term acute care facilities in the United States.”

“People often mistake the ‘long term’ reference to mean we are a long term care facility or a nursing home, but we are not,” Smith added. “We are licensed as a general acute care facility and operate under the same guidelines as any other hospital.”

CVSH’s services include multiple medical specialties such as critical care, nephrology, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, infectious disease, surgery, and urology, and hospitalists are on site 24 hours a day. The hospital also provides in-house dialysis, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and acute rehabilitation services.

Expansion plans are also under way. Additions will include a sub-acute care facility; a home-health and hospice company; a rehabilitation company; and a school for educating new clinicians in nursing, rehabilitation, and respiratory care.

“Following the purchase of the medical arts building, a former office complex that once housed Stanislaus County Health Services, the company will be setting up corporate offices next door to the hospital,” Smith said.

“The introduction of long term acute care hospital services to this community has made it possible for people recovering from catastrophic injury or illness to be placed locally, near their families and their support systems,” Smith added. “We believe this has made a significant difference for many of our current and former patients. We have also created 400 new jobs in Modesto, which will grow to over 600 in the coming months.”

Valley Children’s Hospital is part of Valley Children’s Healthcare, one of the largest providers of pediatric health care in the country.

“At Valley Children’s Hospital we have a staff of more than 3,000 people and more than 500 pediatric specialists, everything from cardiology and cardiac surgery to oncology and orthopedic surgery,” said spokesperson Zara Arboleda. “You name it, we can do it.”

Valley Children’s operates 356 beds and cares for more than 130,000 patients a year from throughout the Central Valley.

“We provide specialty pediatric care for children of any age,” Arboleda said. “We also provide adult care in certain specialties including cardiology and cardiac surgery, and in our maternal fetal center we take care of moms and babies.”

Valley Children’s Hospital was founded in 1952 by five moms from Fresno who wanted to have a pediatric medical facility nearby. In 1998, the hospital moved to its current location at 9300 Valley Children’s Place in Madera.

“We’re the only children’s hospital between Los Angeles and San Francisco and we have 1.3 million children who live in our service area,” Arboleda noted. “We have the services and staff necessary to make sure those kids get the care they need.”

“Kids aren’t just little adults,” Arboleda explained. “Their needs are different, and they have to be treated differently. Everyone on our staff is trained specifically to care for children and we are also trained to care for their families.”

In 2003, Valley Children’s opened a McHenry Specialty Care Center in Modesto, where the staff provides convenient access to specialized pediatric care that includes cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pediatric surgery, pulmonology, urology, orthopedics, endocrinology, otolaryngology, hematology, nephrology, and plastic surgery. Several new care centers opened in 2015 and more are scheduled to open this year.

“In the future, we will continue to expand services at the Modesto care center and increase access to pediatric care by opening new care centers and by partnering with hospitals to provide pediatric specialty support where we don’t have a physical location,” Arboleda said.

Our goal is to operate clinics throughout the area so families can be a short driving distance away from a Valley Children’s specialist,” Arboleda added. “For more than 60 years our mission hasn’t changed: We want to provide the medical care that children in the Central Valley need and deserve, quicker and closer to home

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