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It all started as a conversation about getting people excited to work for Prime Shine. We wanted potential employees to feel about Prime Shine the way one would feel about Disney, Southwest Airlines or Starbucks. People are clamoring to work for these fantastic companies all over the country and we decided that there was no reason why that same excitement should not exist here in the Central Valley for Prime Shine and other local businesses.

For the past several months, Opportunity Stanislaus and Prime Shine Car Wash have been working on developing a designation for the Central Valley that would truly help separate and celebrate top employers in our area. We now proudly partner with the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and are pleased to announce the launch of Best Places to Work: Central Valley, a survey and recognition program dedicated to celebrating local employers who excel at creating quality jobs and environments where employees are thrilled to work.

The process is simple: companies interested in qualifying for the designation apply through The Best Companies Group, a third party research firm, who will collect data and employee feedback via online tools. The information is used to determine if the company will qualify for the Best Places to Work designation but also yields a report that provides a high level of detail regarding the experience of current employees so that employers can make adjustments based on employee feedback.

This program is not a “Reader’s Choice” designation. Twenty-five percent of the company’s score comes from a questionnaire completed by the employer and seventy-five percent of the score is determined by employee responses to a custom survey. The total score is then weighted against other participating employers in Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Merced counties to determine if they qualify for the designation.

David White, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Stanislaus, believes the program will be instrumental in helping companies with their recruiting and retention efforts. “In a strong economy employees have lots of options,” said White. “It is to the advantage of employers to understand what they are doing well and conversely where they need to improve in order to find and keep the best talent. This program is an affordable, easy way for employers to take the pulse of their employees and gain recognition for going above and beyond.”

Those companies who rate high enough are awarded with the distinction of being a “best place to work” for a given year, an honor that can be recognized by signage at each of their locations, in program promotion materials and at an awards ceremony hosted by Opportunity Stanislaus. Companies who do receive the designation will be provided with a 2017 designation logo that can be used on all of their recruitment and print collateral as well as social media.

Not all companies who apply will receive the distinction but they will receive the same in-depth confidential report that approved companies receive with detailed employee feedback. Companies who are not designated will be notified confidentially by Best Companies Group and they will remain anonymous.

In order to be eligible, companies must be located in Stanislaus, San Joaquin or Merced County and have a minimum of 15 full or part-time employees working in those counties. Additionally, the company must have at least one year of operating experience. Both for-profit and nonprofit companies are eligible. Cost varies according to company size as larger companies require more data collection and analyzation. All rankings are for one year with 2017 designees being announced in the first quarter of the year.

Evan Porges, President of Prime Shine Car Wash, is confident that a Best Places designation will be a game changer when it comes to recruitment. “Prime Shine has focused internally on being a top employer and providing one of our area’s best cultures to enjoy a fulfilling career. Unfortunately, many do not consider Prime Shine as a career option because of the nature of our business. By being a part of Best Places to Work: Central Valley, we will be able to utilize a nationally recognized, third-party review company to demonstrate that Prime Shine is much more than just a car wash,” said Porges. “I would encourage all employers to consider participating in Best Places to Work: Central Valley and be a part of a larger movement that is improving all of the Central Valley’s work places.”

Cecil Russell, President & CEO of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, said, “We are in total agreement with Evan, that we should be recognizing and celebrating the great companies that we have in our area.”

Program registration is now open and will continue through Jan.6, 2017 with the deadline for completed employee questionnaires coming a few weeks later. Click here for the website: bestplacestoworkcentralvalley.com

By: Stefanie Pierce, Marketing Manager, Prime Shine Car Wash

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