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City Council Candidates -District 4

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City Council Candidates – District 4

Rickey McGill
63 years old Resident of Modesto for 63 years. Retired educational administrator.
Juan Melgoza
Did not participate.
Ryan Schambers
20 years old. Resident of Modesto for 16 years. Security guard.
Bill Zoslocki
60 years old. Resident of Modesto for 30 years. Business owner and Independent broker.

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In your own words, describe the role and responsibility of the office you seek?

Rickey McGill: My primary role and responsibility should I be elected to the Modesto City Council would be to remain abreast of the issues in order to best serve the citizens of Modesto, while remaining accessible to all constituents in representing their concerns. As defined, “the Modesto City Council is the City’s legislative body. It sets policies, approves budgets, determines tax rates and passes ordinances and resolutions to govern the City. The Council also appoints citizen volunteers to more than twenty-six City advisory boards, committees and commissions; and appoints and supervises the performances of the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk.”

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate..

Ryan Schambers: Fiscal responsibility, business friendly measures.

Bill Zoslocki: As a member of the City Council, it would be my responsibility to ensure that Modesto is governed in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner. As a representative of the citizens of District 4, the issues that matter most are crime/gangs, homelessness and unemployment. As the council, we are the stewards of our unique Modesto way of life, and must be vigilant to ensure that any growth that occurs stays consistent with the character of our City.

The City of Modesto must currently use reserve funding to balance its budget. What are your plans to balance the budget and make ongoing city finances more sustainable?

Rickey McGill : If the voters vote to approve the $.01 cent sales tax, I would request that the Council pass an ordinance to select an oversight advisory committee to ensure that the budget is balanced. In the event that the voters turn down the $.01 cent sales tax, I would recommend that the Council allocate a large portion of the revenue to police and fire, with the remainder going to other City services and 15% or more remain in the general fund reserve.

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate.

Ryan Schambers: Cut pay increases, upgrade parks less often.

Bill Zoslocki: We only have to look to our neighbor to the north to see how not to manage our finances. As a city, we must not go back to business as usual. We must foster new jobs that do not rise and fall with the wild economic swings we have seen in the past to provide new sources of revenue. The Chamber’s “Pathway to Job Growth” is an outstanding example of many business owners and business representatives coming together seeking to address our long-term unemployment and create economic prosperity for all of its citizens. I think this plan should be reviewed in Modesto’s general plan. My goal in the future is to expand our taxpayer base, not our taxes. Facilitate adequate infrastructure for the movement of goods in and out of the region. Enhance our agricultural economy and diversify our business economy so we can better compete in the growing world economy.

What will be your top priority in office? Describe the measures you will take to address this priority.

Rickey McGill: I would bring more business and quality jobs to our area while maintaining and improving public safety services as my main priority. In order to accomplish bringing more jobs to the Modesto area, I would recommend that the City Council collaborate with the Modesto Chamber of Commerce in order to create a mutual marketing strategy partnership. In regard to public safety services, they can be maintained and improved by investing in neighborhood watch/empowerment programs and neighborhood beautification programs, while maximizing community capacity building by collaborating with Modesto City Police, other government agencies, non-profits and faith-based organizations.

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate.

Ryan Schambers: Encouraging businesses to move to Modesto.

Bill Zoslocki: More Jobs for Modesto: We must diversify our economy in order to create more family sustaining jobs for our citizens. Safer Streets and Neighborhoods: Work with our police department to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to battle gangs and criminals who prey on our citizens and neighborhoods. Fixing our City’s Budget: We must not go back to business as usual. We need to foster more taxpayers in jobs that do not rise and fall on economic whims, as to give Modesto a solid, sustainable tax base. If elected, I want to bring my experiences as a business owner to the council. As a council member, I will insist that we “live within our means.” I will work for an annually reviewed 5-year forecasting and budgeting to insure the council operates fiscally. This differs from past methods in that future budgets will be tested to forecast revenues.

Describe ways in which you, as an elected official, would encourage a collaborative and cooperative relationship with other units of local government.

Rickey McGill: If elected, I will continue to attend the meetings of the Modesto Board of Supervisors, Stanislaus Council of Governments, MID, Modesto City School Board, etc. I would inform other City Council members of the mutual issues and concerns of the local government agencies. In addition, I would make suggestions to the Council that these local government agencies send a representative to executive board meetings where they can discuss local government issues. In addition, I would be open to serving on different local committees.

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate.

Ryan Schambers: I would visit and talk to other institutions.

Bill Zoslocki: There could be some cost savings in areas of equipment maintenance, document duplication services, temporary employees and other cross-governmental services. As a city council member, I will seek to meet with our local government, including the Board of Supervisors, Police Department and other units, in order to establish an open line of communication that will lead to collaborative efforts on both our parts in regards to the issues that affect Modesto and our surrounding communities.

What are your plans for facilitating the creation of new, living wage jobs in our area?

Rickey McGill: I would embrace the Chamber’s initiative to promote economic prosperity because Modesto needs a healthy private sector that offers a wide range of jobs that will keep and draw people of all ages, including gainful employment and wages for military veterans and citizens with disabilities.

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate.

Ryan Schambers: Job-creating programs and business subsidies.

Bill Zoslocki: As mentioned above, I will work to diversify our economy. By recruiting “new technology” jobs as well as expanding our local agricultural economy, we can create new, good paying jobs that will cut across all sections of our Modesto workforce.

The current Modesto City Council has proposed a $.01 cent sales tax measure which stands to generate $26 million in tax revenue. If the measure passes,how would you allocate the increased revenue?

Rickey McGill: I would propose an ordinance to other Council members to allocate most of the revenue generated from the $.01 cent sales tax to police and fire services and job creation. The remaining revenue would go to other departments/programs, with 15% or more allocated to the general fund reserve.

Juan Melgoza: Did not participate.

Ryan Schambers: To business growth, police, fire, roads and parks.

Bill Zoslocki:

Currently, the City is establishing spending objectives, as proposed at this writing they are:

Public Safety 50%

Reserves 10%

Roads 25%

Economic Development

Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Up to 15%

However, this tax is nonbinding, but it is the intention of the current council and I will support their position and their desire that future councils support these same objectives.


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