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Woman Transportation Honors Rosa de Leon Park and Kendall Flint on Measure L 

Rosa Del Leon Park, Executive Director of the Stanislaus Council of Governments, and Kendall Flint, Director of Communications for Regional Government Services, were honored Wednesday night by the Sacramento Chapter of Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS). They were applauded for their work developing Measure L, the half-cent transportation sales tax measure overwhelmingly passed by voters in November.

“Recognizing and elevating the success of women leaders, such as Rosa De Leon Park and Kendall Flint, is one of the key missions of the WTS organization,” said WTS Spokeswoman Julie Passalacqua. “The ability of Ms. Park and Ms. Flint to bring together diverse groups and community organizations and build consensus on the need to support critical infrastructure funding, especially in the face of two previous measure failures, should be applauded. WTS cannot think of a more deserving recipient of the 2016 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award than StanCOG’s Measure L, led by these two exceptional women.”

Measure L passed with 71.95 percent of the vote in favor of the proposed sales tax measure. This was the highest win percentage by a first-time transportation measure in 2016 election and the highest in California since 1989. This success of a measure in the conservative Central Valley is particularly notable in election year of 2016, where similar transportation sales taxes in more liberal metropolitan areas like San Diego, Sacramento, and Contra Costa County failed.

“We are honored to receive this award on behalf of all of the people who worked so hard on this measure—especially our Board members who were in unanimous support of the effort,” said Ms. Park. “Measure L will bring nearly one billion dollars to our region over the next 25 years all of which will be used for local streets and roads, regional projects in our county and transit services.”

“The key to Measure L’s success was recognizing that voters wanted to see investments in road maintenance in their neighborhoods,” said Ms. Flint who helped develop the expenditure plan. “People from all political parties and backgrounds supported it because of the proposed investment strategy and the inclusion of a Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure that funds would be spent as promised.”

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