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What We Learned From Lemonade Day 

Everyone has their perspective on just about everything these days – but one thing that is hard to argue with is teaching children how to be self-starters and financially proficient.

On May 16 of this year, Modesto did exactly that. Through the help of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, non-profits, schools, and government, we held Lemonade Day, which I would call a citywide success.

We had over 600 children participate in Modesto and our surrounding area, which doesn’t even include all the parents, friends, and mentors who helped the kids along the way.

Kids as young as six years old learned how to write a business plan, comprehend basic financial literacy, and prove what they had learned by starting their own business for a day – a lemonade stand.

Kids from different neighborhoods, standards of wealth, and ethnicities—all were challenged to be a successful entrepreneur for a day. They had to pick the right location for their stand, ensure their products were desirable, and that they could bring in enough sales to make a profit.

To put it briefly: in one day, hundreds of kids throughout our area set up shop in driveways, storefronts, and public spaces to make something from nothing.

Thank you to all of the sponsors, the agencies that helped us spread the word and invite children to participate, to the parents and mentors that helped kids get off the ground with their business, and to the kids that participated.

Finally, thank you to the Lemonade Day organization for letting us put this in Modesto, the Modesto Chamber, my team at Datapath, and for all the helping hands from companies and sponsors throughout our region.

We’re looking forward to an even more successful year in 2016! Visit modesto.lemonadeday.org to learn how you can build a stand and spark a dream in the lives of Modesto’s youth.

By David Darmstandler, Lemonade Day Modesto Chairman and CEO of Datapath

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