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VCDI: Enhanced Life Opportunities Through Enhanced Employment Opportunities 

Vocational Coaching and Development Institute, Inc. opened quietly in downtown Modesto, CA in 2013, and immediately began distinguishing itself as a dramatically different day programming option for adults living with developmental disabilities.

Funded through the California Department of Developmental Services, by Valley Mountain Regional Center, Vocational Coaching and Development Institute, Inc. (VCDI) is set apart by a philosophy of “Enhanced Life Opportunities Through Enhanced Employment Opportunities.” This is manifested in the service delivery provided at VCDI. Clients enrolled at VCDI focus on attaining jobs in the community. However, where other programs seek out contracts with employers, then simply look to place clients into those locations, VCDI focuses on the development of vocational soft skills. Then, after completing multiple trainings lasting from a couple months to a couple years based on the respective client, individuals are assisted in seeking out and completing the application and hiring process with prospective employers. This means that these individuals are learning to obtain and maintain employment in the same manner and following the same procedures as people not living with developmental disabilities. It means that these individuals, even in the unlikely event all supports vanish, have been given the skills necessary to have a fighting chance at finding work.

Training at VCDI begin with foundational skills. Training in concepts such as grooming and hygiene, introducing oneself, dressing for success, punctuality and the importance of attendance, etc., are commonly seen occurring at the VCDI Facility on J Street. Clients then typically progress to working on resumes, cover letters, and utilizing VCDI furnished electronic means like tablets and computers to access company websites and submit applications. Vocational Support Mentors then assist clients in following up with prospective employers and completing training to prepare them further in the process of employment, such as: Mock interviews, role-playing scenarios related to policies and procedures, etc.

Once on the job, Vocational Support Mentors assist the client at the work site for a short duration, fading the support as the client becomes increasingly more independent at work.

You will undoubtedly see VCDI Clients in the community dressed in business attire, introducing themselves to local businesses, and trying to educate local businesses and individuals regarding their efforts. Take the time to talk to them… you will be happy you did.

For more information on hiring a client from Vocational Coaching and Development Institute, Inc., please contact Mr. Zachary Wyse, VCDI Director of Vocational and Relationship Development at zwyse@vcdi.org or 209.342.6707. Also, check out www.vcdi.org or VCDI’s Facebook Page (Search Vocational Coaching and Development Institute, Inc.) to see what a day at VCDI is like!

By Jared Green, CEO

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