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The Coming Jobs War 


Marian Kaanon

by Marian Kaanon, Chief Executive Officer, Stanislaus Community Foundation.

What people want, above all else, is a good job.

That’s the message, simple and yet with shifting implications, that was heard at a recent convening of local business and civic leaders. The message was delivered by Dave Kilby, Executive Vice President of the California Chamber of Commerce, at a special presentation co-hosted by Stanislaus Community Foundation, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and the Turlock Chamber of Commerce.

Kilby focused his talk on findings from Gallup and a book titled The Coming Jobs War, written by Gallup CEO Jim Clifton. Kilby discussed the notion of a “quality job” and the fact that jobs drive everything else – not just the obvious economic implications, but the social, cultural and total well-being of a productive, engaged workforce. Jobs are the reason future regions will either win – or lose. Hiring

The communities that produce these quality jobs will “win” the jobs war – a war for vibrancy, relevancy and prosperity. Kilby encouraged the audience to consider new ways to partner on education initiatives, support local entrepreneurs, remove barriers to small business success, and above all else, forge across all sectors to articulate a shared vision for Stanislaus County. Ultimately, it’s the communities that band together around common, bold goals that are forging ahead to win the jobs war.

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