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Stanislaus Partners In Education (SPIE) Teacher Interns 

Teachers interning for 40 hours in a business can truly make a difference in what is taught to students who, ultimately, could be your future employees. Last summer SPIE hosted 43 teachers in various businesses. Below are remarks from two of the teacher/interns.

Ashley Harris, Savage Middle School, Interned: Modesto Nuts

“I cannot begin to describe what an amazing experience my SPIE internship has been this summer. I was fortunate to work alongside the hard working Modesto Nuts leadership team to really see what goes on in creating and maintaining a successful business in the sports industry. With Common Core in physical education, we are incorporating speaking and listening on a daily basis, as well as writing. I will use some of those writing days to take a step away from physical education writing and support the ELA curriculum and speak and write about social skills needed to be successful as a young adult.”

Frank Natale, Hickman Middle School, Interned: SupHerb Farms

“My intern experience at SupHerb Farms was extremely diverse, covering nearly every aspect of this unique small business. Having seen first-hand the workings behind the gray concrete walls of one of those industrial buildings most of us pass by every day without a second thought, I have been afforded a glimpse of the possibilities that exist for my students I had never considered. A maintenance engineer, for example, can make a very good salary with a high school degree and some technical training. More importantly, I found out that the best candidates for these jobs are those who enjoy tinkering and taking things apart, and problem solving their way to a solution. I am now even more motivated to extend more of these type of activities to my students.”

SPIE’s Board appreciates the following businesses for hosting a teacher intern last summer. Your time and energy is invaluable and will help many students understand the demands of today’s workplace. THANK YOU!

209 Magazine, Advocates for Justice, Alliance Worknet, Assemblywoman Kristen Olsen, Burchell Nursery,Center for Human Services, Doctors Medical Center, Duarte Farms, E & J Gallo Winery/Glass/G3, Foster Farms,Gallo Center for the Arts, Habitat for Humanity, Infinite Creations, Mattos Publishing, Modesto Bee, Modesto Nuts, Modesto Police Department., Monte Vista Vet Hospital, MYTV26, Pacific Southwest Container, Pires, Lipomi & Navarro Architects, Stanford University, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, Stanislaus Family Justice Center, SupHerb Farms, University of California, Berkeley.

SPIE staff is currently working on the Teacher Internship Program for 2016. If you are an educator, grades 7-14 in Stanislaus County, and interested in applying for an internship: www.stanislauspartners.com. If you are a business interested in hosting a teacher for 40 hours this summer, (SPIE pays teacher’s stipend of $750. and covers Worker’s Compensation) please contact the SPIE office at 209.238.1766 or email for more information: SPIE@thevision.net.

By Juidie Piscitello, Stanislaus Partners in Education

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