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No On Measure I – Protect Modesto’s Future 

“Measure I does not make for a healthy and strong Modesto. It limits our ability to stay competitive for businesses and to keep good jobs in our community.” – Ruben Esparza, Vice President Modesto City, Firefighters Association

“Measure I would stymie economic growth and prosperity to our already low and under privileged youth and families and their future in this community, that’s why I must vote no.” – Jeremiah Williams, President of the King Kennedy Center

“Measure I creates more sprawl because it allows for building residential apartments and low income housing as exceptions to the rule.” – Randy Clark, 

“Measure I does not protect the farmland, it allows the County to develop the land without the city guidelines and regulations, leading to uncontrolled decisions for our city’s future.” – Vladimir RodriguezFarmer

“The Creation of new businesses & Industry is the path to a robust and healthier Modesto. Growth in these areas will help create a safe and prosperous future for our community. Protect our community. Protect Modesto’s future. “Join Me, Say “NO” to Measure I” – Tony Arguelles, President, Modesto Police, Officer’s Association

“Minorities continue to struggle in seeking local employment and most are Agriculture and seasonal. Modesto still has high unemployment rates. Measure I will continue to hinder the possibility of bringing in more job opportunities to everyone in Modesto, we want more economic progress result and more jobs.” – Maggie Mejia, President of the Latino, Community Roundtable

“We read Measure I and knew right away this would be bad for our members because this poorly-written measure will slow down investment in Modesto.” – Billy Powell, International Brotherhood, of Electrical Workers.

“Measure I is an overreaction to Modesto’s prior proposal to include portions of Wood Colony in its general plan. Modesto is way past that now and we should not end Modesto’s ability to create jobs in the future by putting boundaries that for all practical purposes cannot be extended.” – David Gianelli, Gianelli & Associates

“For a city to operate under the requirements that would be imposed by measure I is detrimental to planning for our future, hampers Modesto’s desire to attract businesses, and hurts our ability to plan long-range plans to improve traffic congestion.” – Jim Ridenour, former Mayor of Modesto

“Measure I would stop the city from increasing its tax base for support of future infrastructure and funds to increase needed public safety. More thought should be given to the process.”- Dick Monteith,  Supervisor

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