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Modesto USA – A Classic American City 

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

Modesto USA is a Classic American City. We are “classic” in that we have that small town feeling and sense of community. We are “American” in that Modesto really is the heartland of California, the home of American Graffiti and the Birthplace of Rockabilly Music and finally “City” in that we have the amenities and things to do of larger cities with world-class performing arts, music, dining and leading industries. We really have the best of all worlds and summertime is the best time to explore them all. We want to roll out the welcome mat for people that visit and show them the ModestoCana that makes our city a great tourism destination.

May and June kick off an amazing summer. Modesto is a great city for cycling and you see more riders on our trail network all the time. Bike to Work Day is May 14. The Modesto Family Cycling Festival and Modesto Criterium bring cycling fun to racers, and families to downtown Modesto on May 16, so plan on making a day out of it. Get a bike and get your wheels spinning around Modesto, grab a camera and take pictures. So many interesting places and things in our city.

Whomp, bom a lu bop a whomp bam boom! It is Graffiti Summer! This is who we are, this makes living here fun. Our Graffiti and music history give Modesto character that few other cities have. When we talk about branding, this is our brand, it is our authenticity and more and more people around the world celebrate Graffiti Summer with us each year. The season opens with the film that started it all, “American Graffiti,” at the State Theatre on June 6.

Then we step on the gas and rev our Graffiti engines and burn out through the rest of June. The Modesto Street Rod Show is June 7 at McHenry Village, the Mid Valley Chevy Club shows are on June 8-11. The Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame will be on June 10 in 10th St. Place on the Historic Cruise Route. The world-famous North Modesto Kiwanis American Graffiti Car show is June 13 and 14 at a new location on Muni Golf Course with the downtown Modesto Cruise Parade Friday night beginning at 7 p.m. There will be a special Elvis tribute concert at the State Theatre Saturday night June 13. Can you feel the high-octane drag racing speed?

Ladies and gentlemen, get your blankets and picnic baskets out for the MoBand season in Graceada Park. For six Thursdays, beginning June 4 , 3,000 of your closest friends will enjoy nights out like no other in the Central Valley. We really are a “Classic American City”. Don’t forget to get your blanket out early!

We are becoming a mural city one giant wall at a time. For decades to come, our own residents and visitors from around the world will be discovering the amazing murals of Modesto. Art brings streets and communities to life and tells our story for all to see. Art and music create civic pride and it is time to take a mural tour.

Classic Community murals tell our American Graffiti story and Murals in Motown celebrate our Modesto culture and heritage. There are now 12 murals, painted by some our most talented artists, like Aaron Vickery and Tom Nye along with world class artists from around the nation like Ella Yates and Frankie Franco. These are huge murals that are already attracting visitors from around the world. Make sure you take a drive and check them out and show them to your family, friends and business associates. For more information visit www.facebook.com/classiccommunitymurals and www.facebook.com/muralsinmotown

Classic Community Mural Locations:

’57 Chevy Chrome – 10th & J – Modesto Chamber of Commerce

’57 Chevy Cruise1700 McHenry – McHenry Village

32 Deuce Coupe13th & J – Peer Recovery Gallery

Downtown Modesto Cruise307 Downey – 4 panel

Under The Arch723 Needham – Neville Brothers

Flower Delivery9th & M St. – Flowers Center

Submarine Races221 McHenry – Law Office

Police Cruise1511 McHenry – Antique Store

Cruising to the Movies1008 J St.

Carhop and CarsMcHenry & Orangeburg – Sonic Drive-In

Murals in Motown Locations:

Royal Robbins1509 10th & Needham– Camp 4 Wine Cafe

Corazon del Valle15th & J St.

Music is alive all summer long. Residents and visitors can experience performances by Bonnie Raitt, Peter Frampton, Boz Skaggs, and the Preservation Hall Jazz band at the Gallo Center along with live music most every night at our local bars, restaurants and music houses. We even have music Sunday morning at Café Deva. Music takes to the streets on the 3rd Thursday Art walks, Music in 10th St. Plaza on Friday nights, and the Modesto Certified Farmers Market every Saturday. You know this is good and we have the bands of the Modesto Area Music Association that really make Modesto sound great.

We want every visitor to Modesto to enjoy their time here, experience our culture, spend their money and when they leave, tell their friends all about their experiences. We are truly Modesto USA, A Classic American City, filled with cuisine, culture and community for all. ModestoCana is served daily and hope you will enjoy it.

See all the events happening and your one stop link to ModestoCana and all things Graffiti at www.graffitisummer.com For events happening all over the greater Modesto area, check out www.modestoview.com and www.visitmodesto.com

If you want to get involved in our Modesto Graffiti history events, museum, and tourist attractions and monuments, please contact me at chrism@modestoview.com

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