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Modesto Chamber of Commerce & Ag Community Celebrate Harvest, Award Voss-Berryhill MJC Scholarships 

Mark Anglin Dean of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, MJC

Mark Anglin
Dean of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, MJC

By Mark Anglin, Dean of Agricultural & Environmental Services, MJC

For 90 years, the Modesto Junior College Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Program has prepared students for their future endeavors in the agriculture industry. The program provides students the opportunity to attain agriculture education and skills training to immediately enter the workforce and allows them to pursue higher educational ambitions at the university level. The MJC Agriculture staff serves as a model of professionalism providing hands-on skills training and developing educational foundations for student success. With an outstanding reputation, MJC Agriculture enjoys a great deal of notoriety for its exemplary programs and leadership opportunities for students. Most recently, the program was named the ‘Outstanding Community College Agriculture Program’ in the state by the California Agriculture Teachers’ Association.

Modesto Junior CollegeEach year, outstanding MJC Agriculture students have the opportunity to further their education because of scholarships made available though the generosity of agriculture-related businesses and supporters. One such supporting organization is the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s Harvest Luncheon. The tradition of the Harvest Luncheon dates back to 1956 when a Modesto Junior College Scholarship was generated from a lunch honoring the richness of Stanislaus County agriculture. The tradition of giving thanks for the bountiful California harvest of over 350 agricultural commodities has continued to this day, and is celebrated through the Voss-Berryhill MJC Agriculture Scholarships.

The tradition lives on through the dedicated efforts of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce Harvest Luncheon Committee members who work throughout the year to make this “Celebration of Agriculture” a reality. The success of the Harvest Luncheon is made possible through the generous donations of agribusiness and agricultural producers and processors from throughout the region along with all who purchase table sponsorships.

Harvest Luncheon Modesto Chamber 2013

Modesto Junior College Scholarship recipients.

The Modesto Junior College Agriculture and Environmental Science Division is proud to be part of this activity. We truly appreciate the opportunity to provide scholarships that have meant so much to so many agriculture students. Over the past 60 plus years, more than 450 MJC agriculture students have received well over $250,000 in scholarships. The significance of this support for the agricultural industry cannot be measured, nor can the far-reaching benefits of education in agriculture that the scholarships make possible.

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