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Health Care Day 

Leadership Modesto class of 2016 was fortunate to spend this day visiting two of our three local hospitals: Memorial Medical Center and Doctors Medical Center. Our day started bright and early at Memorial Medical Center, where after a great breakfast we listened to several speakers who helped our class understand a little more about Memorial, who they are, and what they do. We listened to Dr. Chiang speak to the Emergency Department and the huge volume of patients they see, all while maintaining high quality of care. Dr. Tio, a hospitalist, shared a presentation on the trends in healthcare. Our group was also given a sneak preview of the new bi plane CT scanner that will be helping bring state of the art imaging to some of the, most critical patients in the valley, including those who are found to have stroke caused by a clot. We ended our time there with a tour in our “bunny” suits of the Cardiac Cath lab.

Next up was Doctors Medical Center, where they were not to be outdone when it came to providing us with a fantastic meal to get us ready for their presentations. Multiple leaders were present to show their support for our class, including the interim CNO who was wearing scrubs! We heard about how busy their Emergency Department is, and how they too maintain quality outcomes all while getting patients seen as quickly as possible. We had an informative tour of their level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and given a diaper that looked like it belonged on a Barbie doll (really it was that small). We visited Four West, which is a unit that was redesigned to have the look and feel of a hotel, while still being a high functioning hospital unit. What makes this unit different than any other? Well, a few things to mention would be the room service, Netflix, and fluffy robes. Next up was the presentation from the Cardiac Cath lab team who showed us videos of what a heart blockage looks like in real time and what it looks like after it is fixed. Impressive, to say the least. After the tours, we returned to the conference room where our group was divided up in to teams and tackled real life medical issues that hospitals face on a daily basis. Legal, ethical, moral and social dilemmas. It was clear very soon that healthcare, like life, is never black and white. While this exercise was fun and we all enjoyed the role playing, it was also very humbling to “see” what often is going on behind the scenes that is not just doctor/nurse kinds of things. Social workers, advocates, hospital administrators, and so many people who work tirelessly to help ensure that everyone gets the best care possible.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if it is Memorial, Doctors or Kaiser. They all have one thing in common. Each and every one of our local hospitals is doing everything they can to make sure when you enter their doors, you are given the best care, each and every time.

By Marcia Parcaut, Quality Nurse Consultant , Kaiser Permanente

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