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Grimbleby Coleman CPAS, Inc.: The People Behind the Numbers 

You might not think of an accountant as being of the forefront of industry innovation. So many have a fixed idea in their head of someone in a suit with a calculator in one hand and a regimented field that’s not accustomed

to change.

But Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc. is one firm that’s happy to break that mold.

“The pace of change in the industry is faster than ever, and a successful firm relies more on agility than ever before,” said Karlha Davies, Marketing Manager at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc. “At Grimbleby Coleman, we believe technology is the key to managing change and driving better business results for our clients and staff. Technology has a major impact on our ability to provide service, support, and added value, as well as to retain

existing clients.

“We are constantly pursuing ways to stay ahead of technology in our industry, whether that means implementing new tax software or sending our staff to learn the latest in audits and taxation.”

Not only has Grimbleby Coleman shown incredible agility in the field of technology—they’ve also grown rapidly, gaining 11 staff members in 2016 alone. And it’s a growth they intend to see continue. After all, there are so many businesses to assist.

“Successful businesses are an integral part of a strong community,” said Davies. “Our goal is to serve our clients effectively so they can reach the success they are seeking and at the same time contribute to keeping the community in which our friends, family, and clients live healthy and thrive.”

So how does Grimbleby Coleman stay involved in the community? By serving on over 25 local nonprofit boards and giving back nearly 1,800 hours of community service each year.

That’s almost the equivalent of a full-time

staff member.

“We encourage our employees to get involved in community organizations that speak to their individual passions,” said Davies. “Whether it be coaching sports teams, volunteering at churches, tutoring students, or being an active parent in their child’s classroom. In 2016, the California Society of CPA’s (CalCPA) awarded us the ‘Public Service Award’ for exemplifying leadership through community service.”

In fact, “the people behind the numbers” is a constant theme in the company. The accountants at Grimbleby Coleman see beyond the numbers on tax returns and statements

“We want our clients to know us as trusted advisors so that they can come to us and say ‘I have a business problem, can you help me?’,” said Davies. “And of course we always say yes, no matter what the problem—mundane or unusual, small or big.”

For more information about Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc., visit www.grimbleby-coleman.com.

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