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DestinationLAX : Soars to New Heights 

Katie JonesMarketing and Public Relations Manager at Sixel Consulting Group

Katie Jones
Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Sixel Consulting Group

UPDATEDestinationLAX Soars to New Heights !

Here’s more proof that when we work together, we can reach the stars: The Chamber recently partnered with the City of Modesto and the Alliance on DestinationLAX, a campaign to gain nonstop air service to Los Angeles (LAX). We’re thrilled to say that we have successfully achieved our goal of gathering a million dollars in pledges! These pledges will be used to prove the community will support the new service when it becomes available. Many thanks go out to all who have made commitments during the DestinationLAX campaign. This community will be more vibrant and economically successful because of you.
We may have reached our goal, but we’re not done yet. The campaign ends March 31, so please consider making a nonbinding pledge of what your company would spend flying to or through LA in a year. We want to overwhelm the airline with the community’s support! Visit www.DestinationLAX.com for more details or to make a pledge.

Sick of driving 100 miles just to get on a plane? Worried that you’ll miss an important meeting because your flight has been delayed by fog? These concerns are all too familiar for those who do business outside of the area. Until now, Modesto’s air service has been only to San Francisco, and it’s often seen as more economical to drive to the Bay Area rather than fly. But what if there was another alternative?

A major airline is interested in flying nonstop between Modesto and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Before the airline will commit, however, it needs assurance that the community will use the new service. Beginning a new route is expensive, and especially in these economic times, an airline is reluctant to invest in something that might not be utilized. To that end, the City of Modesto and the Modesto City-County Airport are launching DestinationLAX. DestinationLAX is a million-dollar campaign to collect nonbinding pledges from businesses and individuals as proof that the community will support the new route.

Right now, if your company takes 100 flights a year from San Francisco rather than Modesto, you’re spending more than $16,000 on driving and parking—and that’s before you even buy a ticket. Direct service to LA eliminates those costs and saves your employees valuable work time.

Los Angeles is the ideal new destination for the region. It is the most visited city by Modesto business travelers, and LAX is the largest airport on the West Coast. This means that hundreds of destinations across the world are one stop away—no driving required. If sufficient pledges are collected, the new service to LAX could begin as early as summer 2014. The airline, which cannot be named at this time for competitive reasons, will provide two round-trip flights per day on a 50-seat regional jet. The flight schedule currently planned is perfect for business trips to LA, with early-morning and noontime departures from Modesto, and return flights at noon and late evening.

The service would be a great fit for the region, but it isn’t a done deal. In order for the airline to begin operations, we need a million dollars in pledges to prove the community will use it. That’s why Sixel Consulting Group, on behalf of Modesto Airport, needs to collect your company’s commitment. It’s time for businesses in Modesto to pledge a portion of their travel budgets, and for individuals to commit to flying to LA instead of driving to a different airport. Every pledge brings us one step closer to our goal.

No cash is required upfront, and we’re not asking that your company spend more money—simply that you spend your existing travel budget in a new direction. This type of campaign has worked before in cities across the country. With your help, it can work here in Modesto as well.

Save your employees drive time, parking costs and fog delays. Commit your travel budget to supporting your local airport. Make a pledge today at www.DestinationLAX.com


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