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City Launches New Mobile App, GoModesto! 

The City of Modesto recently launched the GoModesto! mobile app in order to better serve today’s mobile-focused resident base. Because we are a society that expects immediate access to information and two-way communication, it is important that the city provides services that reflect our understanding of that culture shift and that we honor our strategic commitment to effective, responsive, and transparent government.

The GoModesto! app allows us to meet citizens where they are, be a more relevant organization, and be more innovative in our approach to supporting our residents’ needs. App features include translation into twenty two different languages to serve the diversity within our community. We’ve selected a format that is easy to navigate and intuitive. It offers residents the ability to connect instantly and directly to city services. GoModesto! makes it easy to report a street light that is out, street flooding, illegal dumping, vandalism, broken playground equipment, tagging, potholes, and more straight from your smart phone. The service request feature allows users to submit a photograph of their concern with GIS tracking capabilities to tell city staff where the issue is located for efficient resolution and helps us better understand customer needs. The app even notifies users once the job is done!

Customer convenience was front-of-mind in development. Users will find easy access to much of what they look for now on our website, including a link to City of Modesto employment opportunities, social media, announcements about important upcoming events, and push notifications in an emergency for those who chose to register. Even bus transit routes and schedules are found on the home screen. Civic engagement was another important goal. The GoModesto! app also allows us to engage our residents in problem solving by welcoming bright ideas for innovation that can be submitted through the app. One of the best features is the connection to City Leadership at your fingertips. All Modesto City Council Members’ photos, bios, and contact information are built into the app. Residents with a pressing issue can email or call their council member from the app.

GoModesto! is an exciting new communication tool by Public Stuff that allows City residents to easily connect with government services. It is intuitive and convenient for those of us always on the go. Search for “GoModesto!” The app is downloadable for free and available now in the Apple store and Google Play store.

We want to know what you think! Email us at GoModesto@Modestogov.com and share your thoughts.

By Amy Vickery, Public Information Officer, City of Modesto

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