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Be Intentional In 2016 

The New Year is such a refreshing time. As business owners, we have just crossed a finish line of completing another year in business. We are able to reflect on the amazing things that happened and leave behind (and learn from) the not-so-amazing things. No matter if it was a great year or a year of struggle, we’re all happy and excited to see the possibilities that a new year can bring.

It’s so cliché to have a fitness professional write an article in the beginning of the year, it’s almost expected and before you even read what I have to say I’m sure you have the script in your head: Work out more, eat better, end of story. While I absolutely do believe in the power of physical exercise and eating to fuel your body, I’m not here to preach at you or tell you things you already know.

I’m here to encourage you, to tell you that you matter and that you are worth being a priority. In a society of “me, me, me” we as leaders can often see the selfishness all around us and repel the idea of making ourselves a priority. Think of all of the people you love, your family, your friends, then think about all of the people you serve: Your team, your clients, your church. You matter to all of those people. We can’t pour out of an empty cup. The New Year is a great time to start to prioritize your whole health so that you can abundantly serve those around you without fear of burnout. If we under invest in ourselves, mind body and spirit, we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution to our team and our business.

Know what it looks like for you to invest in yourself and then make a plan. Create margins in your life so that you can reflect, so that you can work “on the business and not just in the business”. Build into your daily routine time for you to refuel. If you’re anything like me, I have to physically put “me” time in my calendar! My workouts are scheduled in my calendar; my reading/refuel times are scheduled in my calendar; because if those things aren’t prioritized like payroll, work meetings, team meetings, etc. then they quickly fall to the bottom of my to-do list and I find myself in quite a mess, not being able to fully give myself to my business or my family. I have nothing to pour from if I’m running on empty.

We have to be intentional with our time and with our most valuable resource, our health. Be intentional about getting adequate sleep, that might mean leaving unfinished business until the morning, but you’ll be much more capable of giving your best once you’ve properly let your body rest and recover. Find a workout routine that works for you. We are all different, our bodies are different, our lives are different. Find something that is yours and be intentional about doing it. True physical health starts on the inside. Your body is a wonderful machine that knows what to do with the right kinds of food. You would never think of putting sludge in the gas tank of a luxury car, right? Why not? It would slow it down and break it! Same principle applies to our bodies! We should treat them like the luxury cars that they are! You can re-buy a car, but you can’t re-buy another body. Fuel it with the best possible choices so that it can perform at its highest level.

Your work matters, the people you get to impact daily matter, and we are excited to cheer you and your business on in this New Year. Cheers to being intentional about our health in 2016 and making sure our cup doesn’t run dry!

By Tara Crenshaw, Owner of Get Fit

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