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A Resolution that will Succeed 

Erica Hughes, Jonathan Crenshaw, Tara Crenshaw

Erica Hughes, Jonathan Crenshaw, &
Tara Crenshaw

You open your eyes in the morning, you feel refreshed…rested. You feel great in your own skin, strong, healthy, alive. You crave food that truly nourishes you and your vibrant life. You are clear minded. You are happy. This is the healthiest version of you. If you can see this version of yourself then you CAN become this person. This person is already in you!

“You have as much willpower as you think you have. Which means that on some level, your journey toward self-improvement will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”, a perfect truth that I read in an article in Forbes magazine, titled Just 8 percent of people Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions. In my 16 years of working as a health and fitness professional it has never been an issue of people not wanting to improve or reach their personal health goals. I don’t want to over simplify the vast complexities of the human mind but that’s just it …we need to keep it simple when it comes to goal setting. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to wanting to cross the finish line without running the race. It comes down to making specific, small goals and being willing to be uncomfortable to attain them. I am an adventurist, a risk taker and I love a good challenge. I love big results quickly and I want to rip the band aid off and get there already. The idea that consistent small choices were key to follow through and success was repelling to me. Yes the risk taking and visionary elements of my personality have served me well in ensuring incredible movement and growth in my life but my learned willingness to be uncomfortable and consistent with the little things are what have built my house of brick instead of hay. Today my foundation is strong. I stand on a path that was built overtime and very intentionally (of course with tons of mistakes that I had to correct along the way). In all sincerity I plan to learn, grow and build until my last breath I am positive that you want to succeed in your health goal this year so first decide that you can. No one else is responsible for your failure or success. Even God said in the bible we have free will friends. Make a measurable specific goal. Here is what I recommend:

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