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Culture in Modesto, an Abundance of Riches 

On Oct. 7, LEMO 2017 enjoyed its first day together for Art Culture and Community. A variety of community leaders took time out of their busy schedule to meet with the group and impart words of wisdom, including David Boring, Julie Orona, Sue Richardson, Mike Zagaris, Sam Pierstorff, Lynn Dickerson, and Chris Murphy. The day was lead by Victoria Sutton Krippner, a member of the local music group BoyGirlBoy, which also includes LEMO mentor Tim Harms. Victoria treated the group to the emotional musical styling of Valley’s Got Talent winner Francesca Bavaro during a sumptuous lunch at Skewers. Love that Saffron Chicken. We had the opportunity to tour such local venues as The State Theater, The Gallo Center, for the arts Peer Recovery, and the Chartreuse Muse Gallery, as well as walk to some of the MoTown Murals.

After a day of art and cultural infusion, we could only reflect in the form of a poem:

Modesto is a town where you can do something. Create your own brand, publish your own magazine. Give voice to extraordinary people. Join a boardinvestgivepreserve our historic soul.

Train your body, train your mind, prepare for the disguise of a ninja to be revealed with the soul of a poet beseeching us to be good to be honest.

The soul of the valley, the soul of the people who have a different DNAthey give more, they volunteer more, they build community they are community.

Latino, Assyrian, Punjabi, Dust Bowl progeny,

slamming it down.

Telling it like it is.

Back to the Garden, fecund with flowers pulsing with life

like the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe.

Our brushes, juicy with pigment, full of water wealth.

Modesto, our Muse, our inspiration, reflecting back to us,

inviting us to grow, inviting us to dance, challenging us to join,

challenging us to lead and listen.

Mediterranean winds blow our way, nourishing us, and carrying the song of the Valleythe talented Valley.

Lyrical voices raising up a joyful noise, whispering for us to followfor us to unleash the melody of our revving engines.

All of the world is a stage, but in Modesto, our stage is a place where artists, thinking they will pass through, come backdiscovering our ninja soul, unwrapping our disguise.

Great acoustics, great reception, 11 dressing rooms that let you know they are occupied when the light is on.

The lights are on. Cruising the light fantastic under the Motown muralssignifying that we are authentic, we are

the difference makers. Epic.

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