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The State of the Chamber – 2017

The State of the Chamber – 2017

It is year-end for 2017 and I want to reflect on the number of years that I ...

Know Your Candidates – Modesto 2017 Election

Know Your Candidates – Modesto 2017 Election

Opening Statement The next regular municipal election for the City of Modesto will be held on Nov. ...

Message from the CEO – July 2017

Message from the CEO – July 2017

In this issue of Progress we are rolling out our “NEW LOOK.” I hope you enjoy—please let ...

A New Look for Progress and A New Approach for Your Chamber

A New Look for Progress and A New Approach for Your Chamber

We hope that as soon as you picked it up, you noticed something different about this month’s ...

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Featured News

Modesto’s Going Green

There is a lot involved in helping the environment and—as a community—we have a responsibility to educate ourselves. With the current state of environmental affairs, it’s no surprise that businesses are facing more regulations. “Businesses now are required by law to recycle,” said Vicki Rice, Recycling Program Coordinator. “It is based on how much garbage they generate. Our office ...Full Article

Enchanted Evening: 102nd Annual Gala Member’s Choice Awards

“Enchanted” was the perfect word to capture the spirit of a gala that honored those who make Modesto great. The 102nd Annual Gala for the Modesto Chamber of Commerce ...Full Article

Safe and Sound: City of Modesto’s Public Safety

Modesto is a city of challenges when it comes to public safety. Assistant Police Chief Rick Armendariz said it himself that we have a plethora of challenges to face, ...Full Article

Specialty Hospitals Provide Valuable Care

As residents of the Stanislaus region, we’re lucky to have a number of hospitals that provide high quality, short term acute care. We’re also fortunate to have access to ...Full Article

Modesto Chamber Endorses Ted Brandvold for Mayor

Modesto, CA – The Board of Directors for the Modesto Chamber of Commerce has voted to endorse Ted Brandvold for Mayor.  Earlier in the election cycle members of the ...Full Article

Non-Profit Mentoring Programs Help Kids Succeed

There’s a lot to love about local nonprofit organizations. Not only do they provide a wide variety of indispensable services to our community, they also provide unique mentoring opportunities designed ...Full Article

Shop Local

Shopping local is more than just convenient — it’s good for our economy. Which is the perfect reason to start your holiday shopping somewhere close to home. “Shopping local means ...Full Article

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

1. Describe ways in which you as an elected official would encourage a collaborative and cooperative relationship with other units of government? 2. Modesto needs jobs. As an elected ...Full Article

Miss School–Miss Out!

September is School Attendance Awareness Month, and what a great choice of month this is. Why? School is still in its first month (typically schools have been in session ...Full Article

Educating our Skilled Work Force

As the economy rebounds, the Central Valley is terrified of being left behind. Residents look west and they see booming cities, chock-full of businesses. They look south and see ...Full Article
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