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Message from the CEO – November 


Cecil Russell, Chamber CEOFor months the candidates have lobbied for the support of the voters and now the campaign season is over. Thank you to the concerned citizens who actively took part in this election. The candidates earning seats in these hard-fought races have a huge responsibility ahead of them, and we at the Modesto Chamber look forward to working with them to help lead Modesto toward a successful future.

The Modesto Chamber’s 30th Annual Oktoberfest was one of the best-attended events we have produced in the recent past. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, especially Sysco Food Services of Central California, for their generous donations and the Modesto Fire Department for cooking 2,000 bratwursts!

Modesto is very fortunate to be awarded the funds from the California Transportation Commission to improve and enlarge the Pelandale interchange. This project will be a major boost for traffic flow and safety. We thank Councilwoman Stephanie Burnside and Stanislaus Council of Governments Executive Director, Carlos Yamzon, for their dedication in helping acquire the over $43 million needed for this project. The Pelandale interchange, along with the Kiernan interchange work that has already begun, will help alleviate traffic congestion, not only for our residents, but will also help with the movement of goods and services in and out of our area.

Progress continues on the North Corridor along Kiernan as the widening effort to McHenry Avenue advances. The Modesto Chamber’s Land Use & Transportation Committee, together with StanCOG, Stanislaus County and the CityShopLocal of Modesto, continues to advocate for the widening of Route 132 as the number one transportation project in the area. All of these transportation projects will pay large dividends for our community and the region, helping us become more attractive to businesses that are looking to locate here and create jobs, and contributing to the alleviation of our own traffic congestion.

Our cover story this month focuses on the upcoming holiday shopping season. This is one of the most important shopping times for our locally owned and operated businesses. It is extremely important for some of these businesses, as it can be up to fifty percent of the business that they do all year. Please think twice when considering any online shopping that could easily be completed at any one of our many local businesses. If you are time starved, remember that gift cards from these merchants and local restaurants also make great gifts. Your Modesto Chamber has long promoted the “shop local” principle. Do your part this holiday season by shopping local and promoting the region’s businesses. The money you spend – regardless of the amount – will stay local, benefitting not only the businesses you patronize, but the community in general, and that will help provide for a better quality of life for all.



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